Our Product Range

The Hampshire Loader 12 Bore bag

The bag has 3 rows of 4 pockets, each holding 2 cartridges, which makes a total of 24 on the front, and the bag itself takes a further 100 loose cartridges. The strap is adjustable, and the closing tab can be initialled if required. Due to the unique system for holding the bag onto the pole, the bag cannot come off the pole, provided the pole is put securely into the ground and the bag properly mounted onto the sockets for the pole in its rear.


The Hampshire Loader 20 Bore bag

The bag has 3 rows of 5 pockets, each holding 2 cartridges, which makes a total of 30 on the front, and the bag itself will take more than 100 loose cartridges.



The Ear Defender Bag

We believe in large ear defenders, as some 30% of the noise and vibration of your gunshots comes through the soft tissues below the ear, and larger ear defenders help protect this area as well, although they might not appear as elegant as some in-ear ones. But the larger ear defenders are a nuisance to carry, and to protect against rain and mud. Our ear defender bag has a strap at the rear, through which one can pass the carrying strap of your Hampshire Loader bag, so that the two are together on your shoulder or on the walking pole, and kept out of mud etc. They could also be attached to some gunslip carrying straps as an alternative. The opening and closing with the Velcro on the flap is the easiest imaginable!


The Ladies Bag

After you have spoilt yourself with any of our products, any twinges of conscience can be assuaged by buying one of our ladies bags (or even two!) for the better half. Designed to look good in deepest Hampshire, the bags are made of similar leather to the Hampshire Loader, but of finer and softer quality. The bags have two inner compartments, each closed with a zip to prevent spillage, and contain a further inner pocket, and, to save rummaging around, an easy access pocket for the essential mobile phone and we have also added a key holder for the same reason! The latest design, showing the lefthand phone pocket in the front zipped compartment, and the keyring holder in the rear zipped pocket can be seen by clicking on the top, right-most photograph in the additional photos section.


Gun slips

We are amazed by those who own the most expensive of guns yet carry them round in thin slips which may not even have proper zips or buckles. We only make gunslips to order, asking you to provide the dimensions, and then hand make the slip to exactly fit your gun. We have two models, one with a full length heavy duty zip, and the other with the added protection of a fold-over flap with a solid brass buckle for extra security. In addition, we can use either saddle leather for a lighter, more supple slip, or bridle finished shoulder leather for a tougher and more protective slip. Again, the slips are made by our master saddler in Devon, cut and finished by hand from selected hides, and then lined with a luxurious pure new wool fleece, before having the edges bound in soft leather.  The muzzle ends, different for side-by-sides and over-and-unders (to your specification), are hand-sewn over a heavy waxed nylon liner which ensures long life and durability.

Double slips for pairs of guns can actually be two single slips, held together by two removable straps and a special sling strap, all of which can be removed if only one gun is needed. Or we can make them in one piece which reduces the weight marginally, and also makes them easier to handle. The flap can be initialled, like our cartridge bags.

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