About Us

Welcome to The Hampshire Loader, luxury shooting accessories that we make to measure for our clients.

About Hampshire Loader

Shooting is a sport which is full of stress, particularly when a single high bird comes out on its own, straight over you, moving sideways with the gale force wind, and appearing to you as a blur through the rain. Knowing that your gun has been kept dry, that your ear defenders are still working, having been protected by one of our Ear defender Bags; that your feet are warm, your boots having been kept separate from a pile of other wet boots in their individual Bootbag; and, above all, that you can reach for your cartridges in pairs at hand height from one of our handmade cartridge bags to cleanly kill the hardest bird, will, we hope, enable you to relax and enjoy your day.

Our range of goods all started with the patented cartridge bag, and we hope you enjoy seeing our expanding range of goods.

Remember that leather goods have to be looked after, and that if they get wet or muddy, wiping clean, followed by gentle drying and the application of saddle soap, or leather restorer/preserver is important to preserve the leather and its colouring.

How to care for your Hampshire Loader products

We are sure that our clients will appreciate that Leather is a natural material, and needs to be cleaned and nourished, as it will otherwise deteriorate. If the product gets wet, wipe it down with a soft cloth or a kitchen sponge, and then leave it to dry away from direct sources of heat. Equally if the product gets dirty, wipe the dirt off with a wet cloth, and then leave to dry as above.

If the leather remains slightly dirty, use a leather cleaner next, but if it is clean, use a leather food. We prefer the Renapur range of products, which not only clean, but also nourish and restore the original waterproof qualities of the leather.

Metal products just need wiping down and gentle drying.